Bad to the De-bone!

“What is that?”  Was the question from my family this Thanksgiving as I readied the turkey for the oven.  This year, the turkey preparation wasn’t very traditional.  Instead of roasting the turkey whole on the bone.  I decided to de-bone and trussed two turkeys.  Why would I do this?  Well knowing we would be hosting twenty-four family members I wanted the […]

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Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook: Bon Bon Cookies

Cookies or Candy you decide for yourself.  These delicious little Bon Bon Cookies are easy to make ahead and give as gifts.  Add flavorings to the dough or change the filling to suit your own taste.  My favorites are bourbon marinated cherries wrapped in chocolate dough dipped in chocolate ganache, and mint flavored dough wrapped around Andes […]

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Cooking and Baking is Subjective

This past weekend I read an article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine: “Cooking Isn’t Creative, And It Isn’t Easy” by Alex Halberstadt where he interview Christopher Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated & Cook’s Country magazines. The quote “Cooking Isn’t Creative, And It Isn’t Easy” from Mr. Kimball was used as the title.  Provoking to say the least for anyone […]

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