Welcome to my blog! My name is Alejandro Ramon.

5692004124_7744ec285c_oI found my love for cooking and baking at the early age of 9. Helping my mom in the kitchen when she needed extra hand to stir the rice as it dry roasted in the cast iron pan to make my “Grandma’s Mexican Rice” is one of my earliest memories. I learned some of my cooking knowledge and skills from my mom, but my real teacher was “Betty Crocker.” It was from the pages of “The Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook,” I would learn the techniques and processes that are fundamental in cooking and baking. My family of 11, well they were the testing group for my learning. They were always happy to give feed back on what they like and didn’t like. I learn pleasing your audience is as important as executing a process well.

As a Professional Chef, Pastry Chef, and Baker. I’ve been baking and cooking professionally for over 33 years. Attending Culinary School in Dallas, Texas in 1988. Interning in Dallas at the Omini Melrose Hotel and in San Antonio at the Marriott River Center Hotel and Plaza San Antonio Hotel. My first appointment as Pastry Chef at the Plaza San Antonio Hotel in the fall of 1990. I joined Zingerman’s Bakehouse as a manager in the Bread Department. During my time at Zingerman’s Bakehouse I’ve enjoyed a variety of positions. Working with wholesale customers in the Bakehouse Service Department. I managed the retail store at the Bakehouse “The Bakeshop.” I also worked as an internal Zingerman’s Trainer, training staff members from all the Zingerman’s Businesses in Food Safety, Knife Safety, The Art of Giving Great Service, and as a Business Consultant for Zingerman’s ZingTrain. In early 2006, I helped to develope the classes, recipes, curriculum, workbooks, class objectives, and class outlines for the Zingerman’s Bakehouse BAKE! Hands-On Baking School. Zingerman’s BAKE! officially open it’s doors to the public in August of 2006.

Through the years I have enjoyed being able to teach our guests at Zingerman’s BAKE! the fundamentals of baking breads and pastries. Building a wood-fired brick oven at BAKE! in May of 2009 with 12 paying students who some went on to build their very own ovens. BAKE! has 80 classes currently being taught through the entire calendar year. If you’d like to find out more about BAKE! classes here is the link to the website: http://www.bakewithzing.com

In the summer of 2015 I created my YouTube Channel “Just One Bite, Please?” The videos provide a visual step-by-step instructions for my recipes on my blog post. The newer blog post have the video embedded at the bottom of each post. So you can start and stop the video to see a process be performed over and over if needed.

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I want to celebrate and share my food experiences.  Come with me on my culinary adventure and I’ll share a bite with you! Remember; Sharing is caring, “Just One Bite, Please?”  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visiting.

Happy Cooking & Baking,

Alejandro Ramon