Snowflake Rolled Sugar Cookies

Rolled Sugar Cookies and Sweet Memories

The holidays are over.  The tree has been taken down.  The decorations have been carefully packed and stored away for the next Christmas season.  This holiday season was filled with memories of friends and family gathering together to celebrate and share the most important gift we can give.  Time together. It wouldn’t be a celebration without food.  Food memories; that connection […]

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Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook: Thumbprint Cookies

  With Thanksgiving leftovers in the refrigerator and Christmas lights and decorations going up around the house.  It is time to turn to the season of holiday baking and cooking. Instead of trying to figure out what gift to buy for someone.  How about making homemade gifts instead?  This coming month I’ll give you hints, […]

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Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook: Bon Bon Cookies

Cookies or Candy you decide for yourself.  These delicious little Bon Bon Cookies are easy to make ahead and give as gifts.  Add flavorings to the dough or change the filling to suit your own taste.  My favorites are bourbon marinated cherries wrapped in chocolate dough dipped in chocolate ganache, and mint flavored dough wrapped around Andes […]

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Betty Crocker New Picture Cookbook: Merry Christmas Cookies

Even though I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas.  I still made these cookies…learning to bend the rules at a early age…using non-Christmas cutters. This is from the Rolled Cookies section of the book. Note: I’m writing this exactly as written with (my notes) in the book. Rolled Cookies: Gay shapes….for holiday and year ’round cheer. Merry […]

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Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook: Spritz Cookies

Here’s a favorite of mine….Spritz Cookies. German for “press,” these delicate but rich and buttery cookies are delectable all year long. The flavor combinations are endless with just butter and vanilla shinning through or add flavoring of choice to match your mood. I like to add “mint flavoring” to the dough and after baking and […]

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