Samosas – Savory Fried Indian Appetizer

Samosas starts with a buttery pastry that is stuffed with a spicy and savory potato filling. Then the pastry cone is formed into the traditional triangle shape and then deep fried until the exterior is blistered, crispy, flaky, and golden brown. The first bite will have your friends and family asking for more of these savory triangles of deliciousness. I […]

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Mexican Rice – Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Glorious grains of Long Grain Rice toasted to perfection and bursting with robust flavor of savory tomatoes, onion, garlic, chicken stock, peas, and carrots. Each modest ingredient providing added complexity to otherwise simple dish. Well prepared Mexican Rice is more more than a side dish when you add patience, care and good ingredients. True Slow Food. My grandma’s […]

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Homemade “Big Mac” – Including the Special Sauce!

Having a “Big Mac” was a special treat as a kid and yesterday I decided to make my own from scratch. My very first job in the “world of cooking” was at McDonald’s as a grill cook in the early 80’s when I was a Junior in High School. That was in the days before […]

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