Mexican Rice – Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Glorious grains of Long Grain Rice toasted to perfection and bursting with robust flavor of savory tomatoes, onion, garlic, chicken stock, peas, and carrots. Each modest ingredient providing added complexity to otherwise simple dish. Well prepared Mexican Rice is more more than a side dish when you add patience, care and good ingredients. True Slow Food. My grandma’s […]

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Pizza – Napoli Style!

Have you ever had a wood-fired pizza fresh out of the oven? Steaming hot, the cheese melted into an oozy puddle over rich tomato sauce and fresh basil, the crust bubbled up crisp, tender, and lightly charred with a smoky scent. Oh yeah, and baked under 2 minutes? Now that’s how a true Napoli style […]

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Summers Gift: Fresh Tomatoes and Homemade Ricotta Cheese

I’ve been waiting all summer for those first tomatoes to ripen in the garden. Anticipating the first taste of the tomatoes that have been allowed to ripen on the vine in the glow of the summer sun.  Developing their sweet, slightly acidic, juicy, full flavor and all their delicious goodness to be picked and enjoyed […]

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