Cider Mill Donut Muffins

Dipped in melted butter and enrobed with cinnamon sugar on the outside the scrumptious and moist interior reveals┬ájust a hint of nutmeg. Fall arrives this weekend and what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with a Cider Mill Donut in the form of muffins. The first taste takes me back to […]

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Homemade English Muffins

Split open with a fork┬áreveals the nooks and crannies and regular holes through out the crumbs interior, just waiting to be toasted to a golden perfection and slathered with butter and enjoyed with your favorite fruit preserve and morning coffee or tea. You’ll be one happy person as you take that first delicious bite of […]

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Spiced Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Rum Butter Glaze

As the cooler weather signals the arrival of fall, it also signals the arrival of seasonal baking. The time that cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove get to be guest stars in baking recipes greeting us with their aromas and reminding us of the warmth and comfort of home. What better way to celebrate the changing […]

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