Lemon Cream Shortcakes

Rich, tender, lightly sweet, and perfumed with the scent of lemons. Lemon Cream Shortcakes pair perfectly with mounds of fresh sweet berries and a big scoop of lightly sweetened heavy whipped cream. Take your summer celebrations to a new level by making this tasty treat for your friends and family. The key to making really good Lemon Cream Shortcake […]

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Fried Fruit Hand Pies

Fried Fruit Hand Pies – Bursting with fresh fruit filling, encased in a tender and flaky crust that has been fried until golden brown and then finished with a light powder sugar glaze. Eating a warm hand pie is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  What fruit should I used? You can use any fruit that is […]

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Fresh Blueberry Pie: My Sweet Confession

I have a confession to make. I didn’t like blueberries when I was a kid. I know, can you believe that? It was something about the texture and flavor that I didn’t enjoy. Now mind you, I wasn’t a picky eater when I was a kid. I can count on one hand the foods that […]

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