Naan – Indian Flat Bread



Homemade Naan just off the griddle and slathered with butter or wrapped around grilled meat, or used as a utensil to scoop up a spicy tikka masala and coriander chutney.  So soft, tender, and delicious. This is why I make my own naan at home. Who could resist this traditional flat bread from India? 

You don’t even need a tandoori oven to replicate the taste and texture of naan found in an Indian restaurant.  I find that using a properly heated cast iron pan/griddle will produce the signature bubbles with the slightly charred flavor, yielding a softer more tender naan that will leave your friends and family begging for more.

If you should have any naan leftover from dinner, naan is perfect for a breakfast too. Heated up over a open gas flame of your stove top and then filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, and a little salsa. Why don’t you try this versatile flat bread for dinner tonight?


  • 8 Quart Mixing Bowl
  • Wooden Mixing Spoon
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Bench Scraper
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons or a Electronic Scale
  • Plastic Wrap
  • 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet/Griddle Pan
  • Pastry Brush

Naan (Yields 12)

  • Measured        Weight          Grams         Ingredients
  • 1 cup              0.52 lb.        234 g.          Milk (whole, room temp.)
  • 2 Tbsp.           0.06 lb.        27 g.            Vegetable Oil
  • 2/3 cups         0.35 lb.        160 g.          Yogurt (whole, room temp.)
  • 1 each            1 each         1 each          Egg (large)
  • 1 1/2 tsp.       1 1/2 tsp.     1 1/2 tsp.     Instant Yeast
  • 1 Tbsp.           0.03 lb.        12 g.            Granulated Sugar
  • 4 cups            1.28 lb.        578 g.          All Purpose Flour (King Arthur)
  • 1 tsp.             1 tsp.           1 tsp.           Baking Powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp.       0.03 lb.        12 g.            Sea Salt (fine)

Mixing the dough:

  1. In the mixing bowl combine the milk, vegetable oil, yogurt, egg, yeast, granulated sugar, and half of the all purpose flour.  Using wooden spoon, stir the ingredients together until it forms a thick batter.
  2. To the remaining all purpose flour, add the baking powder and sea salt.  Stir with a fork to combine.
  3. Add the remaining flour mixture to the large mixing bowl and stir the ingredients together until the dough become a shaggy mass.
  4. Scrape down the spoon and the sides of the bowl with a plastic scraper. Scrap the dough out of the bowl and on the work surface. The dough will be sticky. Do not add any flour to the work surface while kneading.
  5. Knead the dough with one hand while using your plastic scrape to gather the dough from the work surface and your hand.
  6. Knead for 6 – 8 minutes or until the dough become smooth and elastic.  The dough should be strong enough to pull away from the table in one piece.  The dough will be slightly sticky at the end of the kneading process.
  7. Lightly spray or coat the mixing bowl with vegetable oil.
  8. Form the dough into a ball and place into the oiled mixing bowl.  Turn the dough over in the oil to lightly coat the dough.
  9. Cover with plastic wrap and let ferment for 1 1/2 hours at room temperature (68°F-76°F).  The dough will grow 1 1/2 times it original size.
  10. 20130908_140650Uncover the bowl and turn the dough onto the work surface. Using a bench scraper divide the dough into 12 pieces.  Shaping each piece into a tight round ball, place on a lightly oiled surface and lightly coat the tops with oil, and loosely cover the dough with plastic wrap. You can use a half sheet tray for this step if you don’t have the counter space.
  11. Rest and ferment the pieces of dough at room temperature for 1 hour.

Shaping and cooking the naan:

  • 1/2 cup of Melted Butter
  • Pastry Brush
  1. 20130908_150910Preheat the cast iron pan/griddle on medium heat just as you are getting ready to shape the naan.
  2. Working with 1 piece of dough at a time and keeping the remaining dough under the plastic wrap.  Lightly oil a piece of dough on both sides and place on the work surface.
  3. Using your fingers flatten the piece of dough into a 5-inch disk.  Place the disk of dough back under the plastic wrap and continue repeating this process to all the dough pieces.
  4. Let the disk rest 15 minutes.
  5. 20130908_154733Starting with the first piece of dough you formed into a 5-inch disk.  Lightly stretch the dough into a 6″ x 8″ oval.
  6. Place the naan onto the preheated cast iron pan/griddle.  Cooking the first side for about 1 minute.  The naan should puff up in spot and small
    bubbles should form.  Adjust the heat if you see signs of smoke or if the naan is taking to long to cook.
  7. Turn the naan over and cook the other side for 1 minute.  The cooked naan should have deep brown spots on the surface.
  8. Remove the cooked naan from the pan/griddle and place onto a clean cotton kitchen towel, brush with melted butter, and cover with the towel.
  9. 20130908_153013Continue cooking the remain naan, buttering, stacking, and covering with the kitchen towel.
  10. Enjoy the naan fresh from the griddle or make ahead and reheat over a open flame of a gas stove or wrap in aluminum and reheat in a oven at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes.20130908_153130

Naan Storage and Shelf Life:

  1. Naan can be eaten fresh.  Store cooled naan in a airtight plastic bag at room temperature for up to 3 days.
  2. Naan can be frozen in a airtight plastic bag for 2 months.  Thaw the naan in the airtight plastic bag at room temperature and refresh over a open flame or wrap in aluminum and reheat in a oven at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes.


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